How Can You Tell Me?

How Can You Tell Me?

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Dipper Pines has always been the less appreciated, less liked, and overall the one left out in this pair of twins between Mabel and Dipper.  Even Mabel doesn't give her brother the affection he should get. But when the twins are sent off to Gravity Falls, Halfway through the summer, Dipper is visited by a certain nacho and becomes his partner, since he the second one who gives Dipper affection. And after some time, Werirdmaggedon has a new face to rule along side the demon. 

(In this story, Mabel is still cheery and happy, but not as nice to Dipper. I've warned you. Also, the beginning of this story jumps around a bit)

[im working on the next chapter!]

[My views have changed from when I wrote this too! When i wrote this I despised billdip. But now I love it]

What are you talking about Mable look over see it? Yea the fangirls with torture weapons oh look I got to get going....because the fangirls are running over here WELL BUY GOLD BYYYYYEEEE!!!! *fangirls attack Mabel*
Saviorbook Saviorbook Aug 12
I look through the comments, and I realize that we are horrid to fictional characters we don't like, but when it comes to each other we be like🖖
                              I-IM JUST A-ALLERJIC TO FEELINGS 😭😭😭
And you know what..? 
                              YOUR FUCKIN UNFAIR!
GotPJO GotPJO Sep 02
I'm the reason one of my friends has actually smiled/laughed in a while
GlobyFarts GlobyFarts Sep 01
Norman: that's a bit harsh Mabel
                              Mabel: No it's not and it's true
                              Norman: DIE YOU USELESS WHORE!! 🔪🔪🔪