How Can You Tell Me? [Discontinued]

How Can You Tell Me? [Discontinued]

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US! And SF! Sans By Swap_Sanses Completed

Dipper Pines has always been the less appreciated, less liked, and overall the one left out in this pair of twins between Mabel and Dipper.  Even Mabel doesn't give her brother the affection he should get. But when the twins are sent off to Gravity Falls, Halfway through the summer, Dipper is visited by a certain nacho and becomes his partner, since he the second one who gives Dipper affection. And after some time, Werirdmaggedon has a new face to rule along side the demon. 

(In this story, Mabel is still cheery and happy, but not as nice to Dipper. I've warned you. Also, the beginning of this story jumps around a bit)


profgenki profgenki 6 days ago
I do not Eve get affection even u though I am the only child.................... That is my life
Number-86 Number-86 Oct 29
How can you tell me that I'm great when they chew me up spit me out and Pissed on me ;-; ooops
soulangle soulangle Oct 16
Mabel i will strap you to a chair and torture you until youre broken and die a slow and painful death and you will die with a sin
Oh my god she's like that mean girl in highschool that has a lot of friends.
Meraki21 Meraki21 Oct 10
My neighbor killed herself a few years ago due to bullies. ONE OF her brothers is my age and hated to talk about anything of the sort. He may be a jerk but it's because of his sister. Did I mention the school still doesn't know who bullied her?
Meraki21 Meraki21 Oct 10
I know exactly how Dipper feels. When I found my best friend,(She wasn't me best friend at the time by the way) I felt like someone actually cared about me. She still does and I care about her.