Suicidal Heart • DazAtsu

Suicidal Heart • DazAtsu

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Jam ✌ By obscuredly Updated Nov 06, 2016

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[4 + 1 Fanfiction Story]

He didn't know what he got himself into,

He knew for sure, he was seconds away from committing suicide but then again.

He was stopped.

By who? Let's just say, it was someone who he never met before.

Someone who always has his guard up, strayed away from others,

Someone that no one ever bother to take care for, 

A story between a Broken Soul and a Suicidal Heart.

KODIAKtk KODIAKtk Jun 05, 2016
You do a wonderful job writing Dazai, thank you so much for this.
aimar_ aimar_ May 18, 2016
This is srsly some good stuff here. The way you write the insight is so deep. I luv it.
rainbow-trashcan rainbow-trashcan Nov 17, 2016
That moment when the shippers were dying of cuteness, and then the next moment "GODAMMIT DAZAI"
KODIAKtk KODIAKtk Jun 05, 2016
I just i- that was well written, I had clear visuals in my head... I could nearly FEEL myself dying, yknow?
KODIAKtk KODIAKtk Jun 05, 2016
Ahh and the writing in general is just amazing-- I felt so much and it's been so long since I've had feelings this heavy for a fan fiction (or original story even)! I love you, author!!
bayley2 bayley2 Dec 27, 2016
Poor Dazai, he really is contemplating this love thing. He should just watch frozen and hear Olaf's definition