Ensemble Stars Oneshots

Ensemble Stars Oneshots

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"It looks like things have been getting interesting at Yumenosaki Academy..."

Hello, dear reader! Have you entered into the trap of this interesting cast of idol boys? Are you experiencing a shortage on reader inserts and ships? Look no further! This is the place for you!

Please read the Request Page for more information. Hope you enjoy!

sourhope sourhope Jun 28, 2016
Your stories is rlly wonderful. I was read it on night and I srsly cried:'3 can you make HokutoxReader using hokuto's cold personality? I mean, like the reader is being ignored by hokuto.. OMG sorry for my bad grammar:"v thankyouu
KaiMiwa KaiMiwa Oct 29, 2016
This book will forever be in my memory. I will keep re-reading until it is burned into my brain. Your stories are amazing!!! =^w^=
_SoraTheSky_ _SoraTheSky_ Aug 08, 2016
Could I request Subaru x Reader x Mao?  Thank you in advance
yourtrashyness yourtrashyness Aug 09, 2016
aaa it's been a long time since i've got on wattpad because there's many school stuff and it seems like you're open again so...can I request a hinata x reader x yuta? sorry to trouble you owo
ransupyon ransupyon Sep 11, 2016
Requests are permanently closed!!
                              No requests beyond here, please! Sorry and thank you!!
asukaswag asukaswag Aug 12, 2016
Hi It's me again can I request for leo x reader x tsukasa sorry if I bothing you