Ensemble Stars Oneshots!

Ensemble Stars Oneshots!

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『 ransu 』 By ransupyon Completed


The idols of Yumenosaki (and others you met) were hard workers and avid dreamers. They weren't just like one of those idols you've seen before. They were stars, and you wanted them to shine brighter.

(Please read the Request Page for more information. Hope you enjoy!)

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ransupyon ransupyon Jun 11, 2017
@ivebeenjinxed i can't reply to your comment for some reason?? rip but it'll be up soon!!
Kittykat23956 Kittykat23956 Aug 31, 2017
Hi, I requested 5 days before you closed requests, it's been almost 3 months since then and my request still is not up. when will it be up?
tsumugiaoba tsumugiaoba Nov 26, 2017
hi! ive been thinking if you could write something for tsumugi where him and so try cuddling for the first time and he gets incredibly embarassed? i know he wouldnt be into skinship at all so itd be interesting to see it work. thanks!
Moonlit_Chaos Moonlit_Chaos May 14, 2017
heyheyhey could i maybe request a natsume x reader x tsumugi, where poor reader-chan is trying to do her work (could be her producer work for switch wiggles eyebrows) but they're being overly nice to her for some reason and get her flustered?
kagehira kagehira Jul 11, 2017
not quite a request lmao but would you consider writing about the new cabbage boy and jun salami once we know more about them :0
Aquascorrus Aquascorrus Jun 13, 2017
Hi!  I was thinking if i could request IzumixRitsu ? > <  I dont really have any specific prompts so i guess just them hanging out somewhere would be nice?