FIRST INTRODUCTION: Anthology of Erotic Short Stories (EDITING)

FIRST INTRODUCTION: Anthology of Erotic Short Stories (EDITING)

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Chris Smith By ChrisRantingsOfaGirl Updated Jun 22, 2015


The tingles of first touch, on the road to self discovery and sin.

I give you, "First Introduction", the first book in my erotica series for your amusement.

RULES FOR READING EXTREME EROTICA (aka R RATED PRIVATE MATERIAL): There are stories in this book that have been categorized as "Private" by Wattpad due to the mature/graphic nature of the story. To read ALL the stories in my books, please follow these directions (otherwise stories will be HIDDEN from your view):
1. You have either have to already a Wattpad account (which is free) or create one.

2.. FOLLOW me (find my Profile and click on the cute "FOLLOW")

3. Add the WORK to your reading LIBRARY (You must do this to see ALL the chapters, including those marked "PRIVATE" by Wattpad, in the book as you read it).

4.  If it doesn't work, try logging out of Wattpad and logging back in. Then repeat the instructions above again (you can always screenshot them too for reference).

5. Oh! And if you read something you enjoy, please VOTE FOR IT by hitting the STAR button! It helps the writers know which stories people like more!

6. Happy reading!

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secret_lifeof_me8864 secret_lifeof_me8864 Mar 23, 2016
I did everything you said but those stories still won't show up