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Is This a Dating Sim? - Chara X Reader

Is This a Dating Sim? - Chara X Reader

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[ r a n d o m ] By Akarinotion Updated Apr 14


A girl who received an unknown email telling her to download the link of a "game".

She didn't know what could happen..

Except maybe a broken laptop.. 

Or maybe even more.. because that so-called "game" might have contained a certain tsundere demon, Chara.

After that happened, cliché and different misunderstandings, events, scenarios happens to (Y/n) which makes her ask a particular question.

"Is this a dating sim?"

[Pairings: Chara x Reader, Slight! Frisk x Reader, Reader x one-sided!OC, Implied Alphys x Undyne(?)]

Are you a boy or a girl?
                              I'm a human.
                              But are you a boy or a girl?
                              I'm a kid.
                              What's in your pants?
Are you a boy or a girl?
                              Frisk- I'm a human
                              But are you a female or male?
                              Frisk- I'm a child 
                              Check what's in your pants
                              Frisk- My pants
                              What's in between your legs?
                              Frisk- I don't know
I would have been like 
                              * click, shut, throw computer out the window * 
                              Me- now I'm safe
UVUdvdeUVU UVUdvdeUVU Jul 04
i read that as "The one where a human falls inside a cave and then meets various monsters"
                              kms 😫😫😫👌🏻👌🏻
Um $%&14 if you count that you'll realize chara name has 5 letters just like $%&14 has 5 keywords so it's chara
                              Sorry for saying the obvious if I'm right lol
Hay Frisk... do you have a vagina? Or a dick? Ohh... maybe he's a side cuz Frisk and dick kinda rhyme... IM A WEIRDO XD