The Muslim Baby

The Muslim Baby

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[#23 in Spiritual Alhamdulillah]

It all happened so quickly it left her head spinning.

One moment Tahira Mahmud was deeply engrossed in a mountain of college assignments, and the other moment she was crouched over her doorstep, wide-eyed, staring into a universe of innocence in a strange baby's eyes.

All she knew was that he was Muslim.

. . . But that had been enough.


© copyright Zainab Alam, 2016.

[Unexplained Islamic terms]


\\ Not an average Islamic Romance. This book deals with things like reversion, adoption, domestic violence, and murder.

I'll be delighted if you check it out! :)

imnotzainab imnotzainab May 23
@AbstractMadness I think any Muslim would do that for a fellow Muslim, more so for a baby. I know I would. Wouldn't you?
Lima2611 Lima2611 a day ago
I already know that I love this book, favorite book of all time
A M A Z I N G 
                              A L H A M D U L I L L A H 
                              Love how you've started with Bismillah. I look really weird ⬆ for spacing and capitals 😂