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Preview : 

"Kinky" he winked  " I like it"

A blush made its way to my cheek and I ducked my head to hide my face from him. I gasped when I felt a sudden bulge pressing into my thigh and Lorenzo used that opportunity to flip us over so that I was below him.

"I like to be on top" he whispered centimeters away from my face. My breathe was coming out in short pants and my eyes kept wondering down south.


Special thanks to 'Magenkop' for doing the cover ! ❤️

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I don't know why I thought of this but uhh Hiram Lodge is that you sending her gifts?
How can you avoid that dinner when you are the werewolf in your family?
You're not even asking me the question and I'm annoyed. I can't imagine how she's feeling right now
HoeForWendys HoeForWendys 6 days ago
I love when the teacher thinks I’m not paying attention then asks me what they were talking about and I get it wrong because I wasn’t actually paying attention :’D
Girl you better be grateful. Most of us here wish we were like you so you better stop whining
istg if she was filipino her mother would tell to be ready by 4 but they would literally leave at 7:30