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His Boy (manxman) **His, Book 1**

His Boy (manxman) **His, Book 1**

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Dianna B. By ladydianna01 Completed

Scottie was in his usual spot behind the counter of his Aunt's Cafe pretending to wipe down the counters, but what he was really doing was watching the activities and fine specimens of beefcake coming and going across the street at the newly opened Bar and Lounge trying to catch a glimpse of one man in particular. The Den, as it called is owned by the most deliciously built giant of a man that God has ever created, Nolan Price.

 Scottie, or Scott as was his christened name is a cute little thing that suffered from a severe case of social anxiety disorder. He has lived with his bossy, over protective Aunt since his mother up and left him as a child on her doorstep never to be seen or heard from again. He never knew who his father was and because of his small stature and crippling shyness, he was always a target of ridicule all through his school years and most of his college years.

 Now at twenty-two with a degree in business management, he has practically taken over the behind the scenes day to day operation of his Aunt;s business, Heavenly Delights Cafe. It didn't stop her though from coming in and trying to make him overcome his social awkwardness by making him deal with customers, hence that was how he met his burly Sex God one fateful day when The Den was still under construction, and the luscious man came in to buy his crew lunch. He had left Scottie tongue tied and trembling the whole time, so much so Scottie had fled to the back of the store leaving his startled Aunt to wait on the equally shocked man. Now he avoided the big man at all cost staring at him from afar, but what little Scottie didn't know was that he caught and spiked the commanding Nolan's attention and it will be just a matter of time before the Dominant man will have little Scottie marked as his own.

M15F175 M15F175 Jun 21
He's gonna ruin out innocent angel isn't he? Its only chapter two I'm not ready dammit
MoeMoe-sama MoeMoe-sama 4 days ago
Everyone here is talking about height can we just take a second to weep for this poor small bean he just said he's to afraid of people to come out as gay
nayra122 nayra122 Jun 20
That's exactly how I feel
                              No one understand me when I try to explain 
                              I feel better alone away from people when they look at me I feel like judging me I can see it in there eyes
                              And now I want to cry😌😔
lovinghim120 lovinghim120 3 days ago
Im re-reading again, i don't even remember how many times i've read this book its simply amazing!!
Kayliea14 Kayliea14 4 days ago
I would be like
                              "Sorry ladies, I like my type to be like me....MALE"