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Writing Prompts (Over One Hundred)

Writing Prompts (Over One Hundred)

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Payton Janae By PaytonJanae Updated 9 hours ago

Some say they make you cry. Some say they make you laugh. Some say they are the best prompts they've ever read. Some say they wish I'd finish the stories. But I say you can make them better. So take it from here!

     Basically short stories without endings. 

     *Only rules are that if you write my story, you have to give credit it for the inspiration to me, and tell me you wrote it! Other than that, have fun writing! Thanks :).*

Somewhat unedited. 

     *Book started on May•6•2016*

"NOOOOOOO. You legit made me cry -_- @SociallyAwkwardNerd5"

"MAJOR PLOT TWIST TOWARD THE END. Bien trabajo, Payton! This one sent spooky shivers down my spine @Jess_Kinner"

"This prompt is haunting and would make a good story! Your prompts are the best I've read yet.  @KamelahWade"

"Ugh sometimes it sucks that these are writing prompts because they are so good I just want to continue reading them! @NaLulikeJolly"

"i am in love with this prompt <3 @apocalypso-"

"AGHH your short magic stories are so well written. Teach me your ways ;-: @_Cosmic-Coffee_ "

"This is amazing! Please do more like it!!! @Stormwolfwriters"

"omg!!! I loved that, can someone please write this asap @drcmione"

"Aww, that's so cute!! I was planning on writing a story like this, and with this prompt, I have an idea of where I wish to go with it. Thanks! Wonderful writing! 😀 @SupermundaneSpecter"

"This would actually be a good start for a movie. @IGoByManyNamez"

"Omg that's dark @StarOfLightning"

"This is so sad @kpop_hoe"


"I really like this one, so I might use it!!! Thanks for having such a brilliant mind!! @omfgphil"

"this one is amazing @AnnoyinglyVal"

Imma use ur writing prompts in a book that's not published yet I will let u know the title
erin20041 erin20041 Nov 24, 2016
I think ill do one prompt a week. That should keep my mind off of everything else going on in this world, at least until I get done and thrown back into reality.
midnightskies- midnightskies- Sep 13, 2016
Could I use this? Not sure if I will but it is definitely inspiring
LucaForest01 LucaForest01 Dec 19, 2016
Thank you for voting and thank you for possibly reading the short story that I made from this prompt. Also for giving me the permission to type it out in the first place. That too :3