Hold You Down

Hold You Down

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PinkPeace_MBprincess By PinkPeace_MBprincess Updated Feb 06

Prince: Priscilla please!!!! 

I heard the his voice cracking & it was breaking my heart in pieces but I had to do this. 

Me: Prince, I gotta think about myself for a minute. I always think about others, it's time for me to think about my well being, my safety 

He got up from the bed & wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug, daring not to let go. 

Prince: Please!! I love you. You know this

Me: I know you do. I love you too. You can never forget that but I need space to think

Every second this went on, I wanted to take back every thing I just said but I knew that if I didn't think this through, I could be in serious danger. 

Me: You got to let me go for awhile 

Prince: But I don't-

Me: I know you don't want to. Neither do I but you have to let me go

Prince: So we're breaking up?!? 

Me: No we're not!!! OK, we are just taking a break which means we're together but not together together 

Prince: But I want you physically with me!! Not just in my mind but in my presence. I won't be able to hold you, kiss you, see you smile

Me: Jacob, it's for the best Ok

He closed his eyes & looked up at the ceiling, thinking. After a while, he finally nodded. 

Prince: Fine but can I get one last kiss??? 

I nodded & he wasted no time capturing my lips in his. We kissed each other with blissful passion, with hunger, with love, like we weren't gonna see each other again. When we stopped, we continued breathing on each others lips, not wanting to let go. 


Princeton is the biggest Drug Lord in California. Cold hearted & a Killer. He doesn't want or need love. His money was his top priority....Well that was until he met Priscilla. 

Priscilla Woods is your typical diva and princess. A banging body with a pretty face to match. Her feisty attitude is what draws people to her. Love has & never planned to be on her agenda. 

Their attraction for each other is strong but can this diva hold this hot head down???

*Cover by Blvckthrills


d1007050 d1007050 Jul 25, 2016
😹😹😹 I turned into a cat when she said ⓢⓦⓔⓡⓥⓔ ⓝⓘⓖⓖⓐ
Bryshereisbae Bryshereisbae Dec 16, 2016
It should've said,
                              "This is thug life. I'm Jacob 'Princeton' Perez" 😂
Bryshereisbae Bryshereisbae Dec 16, 2016
I was just thinking of that, then the next thing I know, I'm reading about it😂
Bryshereisbae Bryshereisbae Dec 16, 2016
In over here thinking this nigga looking under his bed for it with my slow ass😭
Bryshereisbae Bryshereisbae Dec 16, 2016
*to the tune of Bang Bang ft Nicki Minaj*
                              Bang, bang into his head🎶🎵
                              Bang, bang now he's dead🎵
Bryshereisbae Bryshereisbae Dec 16, 2016
It's the Mickey mouse trap house🎵Come inside, there's drugs inside🎵 Roll call!! 
                              EJ...aka ejaculate 
                              Jacob...aka lil scrub
                              Mike...El Myers
                              Roc Boil
                              Prodi-she...aka Prod...aka Fraud