Soulmate AU (Various!Hetalia X Reader)

Soulmate AU (Various!Hetalia X Reader)

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YAoi Sh!Ts By BlackBloodyNixy Updated Nov 21, 2017

In a world where you know when you'll meet your soulmate. Your 100% soulmate.

Maybe a world where your soulmate's name is imprinted on your body?

Or, a world where the first words your soulmate says to you when you met is tattooed on your body?

But whatever it is, you have a soulmate.

And in here, is the story when you first met.

Disclaimer: I don't own You, Hetalia and the pictures. Credits to Hidekaz Himaruya, you, Google and the pictures artists. And also Prussia, cause he's awesome and that's what he said. I own nothing but my name and Wattpad account.

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FujoshiGoat FujoshiGoat Jul 19, 2017
And I thought my name was long having 2 middle names, he's got 6 names all together
HermesBitch HermesBitch Aug 13, 2017
My name is Emily Patricia García López Montoya De Ramos Tapia Beltrano XD
kaitheherobrobro kaitheherobrobro Dec 11, 2017
I"VE SEEN THIS TYPE OF SOULMATE BEFORE!!! I don't remember where though
_tempura_ _tempura_ Jul 24, 2017
The F always stands for something different in every fic. Sometimes its Freedom. Sometimes its Foster. Sometimes its Franklin. But I long for the day I stumble upon a fic where the F means F*ck.
lovely-rose-ten lovely-rose-ten Mar 29, 2017
I know i have the longest name in class,but his name is WAY longer then mine
SilverDragon23 SilverDragon23 Jun 18, 2017
I have a suggestion for a soulmate AU. I have no idea if this already exists, so bare with me. Every child is borne with a spirit animal (can be mythical beast) and their soulmate has the same spirit animal that the other person has.