Daddies Little Helper {DDLG} (#Wattys 2016)

Daddies Little Helper {DDLG} (#Wattys 2016)

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Marie Louis By MarieLouis0 Updated Jun 15, 2017

"GET THE FUCK!" I yelled.

My assistant looked to her other bosses, my brothers, who also looked impassive toward.

"Please I need this job! It was my first and only mistake" 

"I don't care, leave before I have security  escort you out." I turn my back.

As she leaves, my brothers look at me. "That is the fifth assistant you have fired this month. You need to be calm and rational." Josh says to me. "I don't think I could ever feel calm or rational, not with my little girl."

"We will find her, we have no choice."

When the Dunhill brothers fired their fifth assistant, they thought their day was only going to get worse. But once little Alessia came into their life, they never let her out of her sight. Literally. But another had their eyes on her as well. Read on to see Alessia's journey to becoming Daddies Little Helper.

10/2/2016: #54 in Romance

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KeikoKaela KeikoKaela Dec 28, 2017
Loved the summary, but couldn't bare reading the first chapter...
Before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of jack because when I leave for the night I ain’t coming back
Gemini_16 Gemini_16 Jun 05, 2017
I was blessed enough to go to a high school where it was only 3 years🤗
Gemini_16 Gemini_16 Jun 05, 2017
My high school started at 7:15 in the god damn morning and we were out at 1:45
Monkeyfake Monkeyfake Mar 30, 2017
Cause it's not weird an old creepy man is randomly sitting by you and calling you princess but it's okay cause he's hot
rosecrime rosecrime Dec 08, 2017
same here although older sibling in another city studying law