Object Show/Undertale Crossovers

Object Show/Undertale Crossovers

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Masturbate To Cartoons By MeeyersPrezz Updated Nov 13, 2017

Here are some of my Ideas for Object Show/Undertale character crossovers,as well as other people's Ideas.

I'm also going to put in small comics and pixel arts of my crossovers as well.

Undertale by Toby Fox

BFDI by jacknjellify 

Inanimate Insanity by AnimationEpic

Right now...this is my most popular book here on Wattpad and it still was after many years,I now hate this book with a burning passion that makes me want to delete it so badly,but I won't because of history reasons.

Anyway,if your late to the party and you're reading this for the first time.


Just read something else of mine or whatever.

I'm not gonna update this book anymore.

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KittyQueen512 KittyQueen512 Dec 20, 2016
i was dancing to the music XD my bro just came in like " wtf sis..." XD