Queen Of My Heart

Queen Of My Heart

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Tree By d0nt_st0p_th3_mus1c Updated Jul 21, 2016

I let out a soft breath as she trailed her finger down my stomach. I arched my back in desperation, pulling at the restraints binding my wrists to the bedpost. 

"You've been a bad boy," I heard her murmur.


This story is of Quinn, a masochistic man, who's partnered with Cheryl, a sadistic woman. What a perfect couple ♥

Featured characters from my other books:
Blaise (Forbidden 1 & 2, Tainted, Out of Our Minds)

  • bdsm
  • dominant
  • dominatrix
  • masochist
  • sadist
  • sadomasochistic
  • submissive
StrangeTeddy StrangeTeddy Oct 23, 2016
You may want to do something about 80% of the paragraphs stating with "I", get's a bit repetitive.