Lucky Number Seven 2

Lucky Number Seven 2

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I woke up with my boyfriend's hard dick pressed against my ass, I smiled slightly. Last night was......... too much for words. I rolled from under him and limped to the bathroom. I was kind of glad he was woke to see this he already had a big enough ego. I got in the shower trying to make as little noise as possible, because I knew if he heard me then round six was going to start right here in the shower. I washed my body as quickly as possible and got out, I walked back to my room and saw that he wasn't in bed anymore. I looked around and saw that all of his things were still in the same places they fell when we started last night. Then I felt two strong arms wrap around my body. 

"Why didn't you wake me up." He said as he kissed my neck. I felt my knees getting weak. No man had ever had this effect on me since my ex. 

"You know exactly why I didn't wake you up Dominic. We're both running late as it is without you trying to start some shit you know won't end until later today...

aquavieta aquavieta Feb 24
I thought Tyson was bad but girly I’m not ready for the drama there’re gonna put me through but I’m here for every minute of it
royaljay21 royaljay21 Dec 02, 2016
Ty makes my áss itch. I can't believe I was rooting for the nigga in the last book. Stuck up bitch😒
MisterD06 MisterD06 Oct 27, 2016
I'm kinda upset that Tyson has a boyfriend and that Seven has a girlfriend 😕