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(Young Justice Robin x Reader)

(Young Justice Robin x Reader)

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707V By BWI1017 Updated Nov 07, 2016

(Y/n) and Dick... Dig as she likes to call him, are best friends since birth, meaning they were in the circus business together with their families. They're inseparable and would stick to each other no matter what. Dig is also VERY determined to take care of (y/n) and protect her from any danger especially since she's a few months younger than him, but being together forever couldn't last forever because (y/n)'s parents decided that it was time for them to leave. Of course the two kids were devastated, but there was nothing they can do to change her parents' minds. On the same day, (y/n) and her parents were attacked after being so many miles away from the circus. (Y/n) blacked out and by the time she woke up, three years has passed and she was standing in a graveyard with her parents dead on the ground in front of her and no memories from the last three years, thinking she only missed two days.
          Will (y/n) ever remember what happened to her and her parents? Will she reunite with Dig? If so, how would she react when she finds out that she missed three years?
          Read to find out, and yes, there is a lot of humor in this book so if u like comedy, I suggest you read it. And it is an X reader, so at one point they might be together... you never know 
          Disclaimer: I do not own Young Justice, I do not own you, I do not own some of the plot because I borrowed it from 7tiger7 on deviantart. Please go read her work, it's really good.

Ace12009 Ace12009 Jan 17
Why joker?
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What. ..........this is so wrong on so many levels....
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Auburn0wl Auburn0wl Dec 14, 2016
I'm curious, how is that it's been three years and the reader's parents bodies haven't decomposed?