Lunar Cycles and YouTube Stars (Mettaton X Reader)

Lunar Cycles and YouTube Stars (Mettaton X Reader)

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Dorothy Davis By Superwholockfan18 Completed

Monsters are finally free from the Underground. You notice a certain monster who turns into your best friend. But soon, you'll be more than just best friends. He was the star of the Underground and now the star of your life.

(This is my first X Reader so bear with me please.)

All Undertale characters belong to Toby Fox

Levirne Levirne May 06, 2016
Wow! This is really, really good so far! I can't wait until the next chapter aaaa
mizore_otoko2014 mizore_otoko2014 Aug 03, 2016
So my friend has the exact same name as me lol its even spelled the same
AskFloweyTheFlower AskFloweyTheFlower Aug 29, 2016
Fairy tale fairy tale
                              *trips* reality 
                              *gets caught by mettaton*
                              And back to fairy tale
fionaeldarkblue fionaeldarkblue 6 days ago
Damn it my friend looks like me well except for the freckles
O.k black people were hurt through slavery, segregation, AND RACISM! But yet she is being racist to monsters?
                              Author chan I apologize for that small rant.