Ship It

Ship It

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Misty By misty-chaos Updated Jul 19, 2017

So this is pretty much my book for oneshots and short stories. It won't be updated consistently just to let you guys know.

I'm totally up for requests for any ships really, whether it be BBS or MarkiMash etc., it doesn't really matter, although I prefer boyxboy ships.

Be warned that there may be some smut, but I will leave warnings so that you aren't scarred for life while I'm slowly losing my dignity from writing it. -_-

I hope ye enjoy although I'm not very good at short stories, they always become long XD


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aleshiathefangirl aleshiathefangirl Oct 14, 2017
That picture reminded me of that scene in food wars where the teacher and girl was having a food orgasms over honey XD
I just had to pause to slap myself in the face- the fact he only had boxers on completely slipped my mind and I had been thinking about how uncomfortable honey covering your shirt would be, and I was wondering how the disastrous incident would turn smutty but then, Lord and behold, b o x e r s
Pinky_art625 Pinky_art625 Jul 19, 2016
When i saw the fanart i was like "oh ho i already know this is gonna be good~"
DiddlePie DiddlePie Sep 06, 2016
Did anybody else think of nogla's poop story animation when they read this, no? Ok
0SilverDreams0 0SilverDreams0 May 08, 2016
I got goose bumps from that.  
                              (I have a pet peeve for Swedish Fish, so this was cringe-y for me even though everything but Swedish fish was beautiful)
MamaRaccoon MamaRaccoon May 06, 2016
*chokes on soda* oh mY GOD THAT WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL! AM I DEAD?? *checks for pulse* Nope still alive. . . . really thought I died from how incredibly cute that was. . . .