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Broken Dreams: a Boku no Hero Academia fanfic

Broken Dreams: a Boku no Hero Academia fanfic

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FullmetalMafiaBoss By FullmetalMafiaBoss Updated Jun 22, 2016

Hope gives drive to determination. Love is the impetus to protect. Hate is the motivation for malice. So what do broken dreams give birth to? Grief. And why does grief create? Rage. 

Bitter, cold rage. 

Midoriya Izuku was born quirkless. Nothing could prevent that. There was nothing wrong with it either, people just thought it weak upon their own accord. It was just their opinion. Midoriya didn't mind though. All he wanted to be was a hero. That's all he ever asked for. But when his mother dies, that's when it all fell apart. Broken dreams, then grief, then rage. Pity the ignorance of society. Pity the man who couldn't save a single child. 

And most of all, pity the child whose heart was too big to be a villain. 


Allcityzen Allcityzen Apr 01
wowo this kinda ooc for todoroki to share out somethin like this
Only sane people are mentally stable.........
                              I don't know who's sane anymore? Do i?
Nerdy_Donut Nerdy_Donut May 22
I can't tell if this reminds me more of blood battle blockade of deadman wonderland
Undertale Fallen Childs everywhere lolololololololololol (You guys dunno what I meant about "Fallen Childs")
Omfg, someone actually did a My Hero Academia/Undertale crossover. You now have my respect.
matlalcoatl matlalcoatl Sep 08, 2016
Why he leave Todoroki lives??? 
                              He's a motherfucking badass villain. At less he is some kind off smuth criminal he wouldn't leave a hero live.