Broken Dreams: a Boku no Hero Academia fanfic

Broken Dreams: a Boku no Hero Academia fanfic

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FullmetalMafiaBoss By FullmetalMafiaBoss Updated Jun 22, 2016

Hope gives drive to determination. Love is the impetus to protect. Hate is the motivation for malice. So what do broken dreams give birth to? Grief. And why does grief create? Rage. 

Bitter, cold rage. 

Midoriya Izuku was born quirkless. Nothing could prevent that. There was nothing wrong with it either, people just thought it weak upon their own accord. It was just their opinion. Midoriya didn't mind though. All he wanted to be was a hero. That's all he ever asked for. But when his mother dies, that's when it all fell apart. Broken dreams, then grief, then rage. Pity the ignorance of society. Pity the man who couldn't save a single child. 

And most of all, pity the child whose heart was too big to be a villain. 


    QuirkyTrio3 QuirkyTrio3 Aug 14
    This is a very sad but powerful story! I also write Boku No Hero Academia fanfic, if you can read my story and give me your opinion/criticism, that would be great! (Plus I'm new to wattpad, so your tips you'll be very helpful!)
    Then as if they were connected by the red string of fate Kaachan and Deku had met each other tho end up fighting.
    No no todoroki I his totally sane I mean any same person would try to kill a hero right?
    JaxonDraws2 JaxonDraws2 Jul 20
    The Villian AUs that I've read is wear Deku is a insane maniac that's a scientist lol but I love this sooo much 😂
    tsundeku tsundeku Jun 27
    Roses are red 
                                  Cactuses are prickly
                                  All I can say
                                  That escalated quickly
    I already know I like this just from the word ' Reset' cause it reminds me of Chara and Frisk and Sans