Falling for the Beast

Falling for the Beast

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Cherrilicious7 By Cherrilicious7 Updated Aug 31, 2018

"Here, this is where you will live henceforth, our pack. "

I looked at the man besides me in utter shock. He had to be kidding me. I had to be here only until he got whatever he wanted from Dad or my family. I was sure that I wasn't kidnapped for ransom cause this guy was very rich.

"That's only till my father gives you what you want and takes me back. " I said in a curt tone.

"Very well, keep telling that to yourself. " He replied in a matter of fact tone.

:: :: ::

Sarah, a human, loves her family, friends. She is oblivious to the fact that werewolves exist.

Damien Knight is the Alpha King of werewolves pack. He is fiercening.

What happens when he finds that a mere human is his mate?

Well guys I've made many parts of my story PRIVATE. so in case you wanna read them, then I'm sorry to inform you, but you need to FOLLOW ME.

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