Unforgettable (On Hold)

Unforgettable (On Hold)

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I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours By kurlzable3 Updated Jul 23, 2012

I’m running across a clearing in the middle of the woods to get away from the people who are chasing me. I hear a gun shot that just missed and hit the tree next to me. I have to run faster. I have to get to the light. I keep telling myself. Just as I’m about to run into the light, that I think might by a street, I trip over a log. I was so busy trying to get to the light that I didn’t see were I was going. I hear footsteps coming towards me faster then before. Then all I hear is silence. I look around frantically trying to see if they were there or not. I couldn’t hear anything but that doesn’t mean they weren’t there watching me. 

Zoey had a dream that she couldn't shake. It felt so real like she had been there before. She knew that was crazy. Her best friend Shay helps her understand more about dreams. But what happens if there not dreams? What if they were memories?
When Zoey's at her Uncles birthday party, she finds herself in a situation where she never thought to find herself in. But how does she get out of it??

  • carriage
  • catcher
  • clearing
  • dream
  • dreams
  • forest
  • friends
  • girl
  • gun
  • horse
  • lightening
  • party
  • peasant
  • rain
  • room
  • school
  • screaming
  • slave
  • thunder

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