Sounds Like A Melody

Sounds Like A Melody

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KilluaAndKillugonTrash By AmberGreen309 Updated 3 days ago

The past is the past. Right? Maybe not. 

Sting is a very famous singer. But while getting to the top, he was forced to abandon his best friend. With a guilty consious, Sting has been writing music for his old time friend. When his manager Jiemma finds him a partner, Sting dreads meeting him. That is, before he sees him. Now, they will work together to fix the past mistakes.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or music
Warning: Contains boyxboy. Don't like, don't read

Ohhhh now I get why he's so sappy. Makes his music taste around 5x more tolerable lol
I can live with that one but I still think sting would have better music taste. How come when people make fairy tail characters singers they're always so sappy?
Totally! As long as you rock like panic at the disco, fall out boy, or blink 182.
Nuuuuuuuuu! I'm dying from the sad pop melodramaticalness!!!
Ooooo I like that song! Even if it's not my apt music it's a good song and has a nice melody