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yandere simulator x reader » oneshots

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• yandere sim x reader oneshots!

• please vote if you liked a oneshot! ^_^

• share this trash to your friends, i would appreciate it.

If I close the requests permanently all the 'xxx' chapters will be removed. 

All chapters will be edited (removing all author's notes).

My goal is to make 100 one shots.

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catmeow9 catmeow9 Mar 03, 2017
xXHalo_SexualXx xXHalo_SexualXx Dec 02, 2016
this is god i guess but i ship ayano and taro so eh idk but its good
Rissagirl29 Rissagirl29 Dec 05, 2016
I no our rival is dead. Our FRIEND is in jail for killing our rival.
beatsandwolfs beatsandwolfs Nov 16, 2016
Calling Koba scouts
                              Me: Hey Jay go on wattpad now!!!
                              Jay: ok but y?
                              Me: just do it!!
                              ( jay looks at this) 
                              Jay: wow I think I should do that in my videos! * this was before he made yandere videos* 
strawbabxi strawbabxi Oct 18, 2016
Ohhh that's why girls like him...
                              MOTHERFUCKIN GENTLEMAN!! *gangnam style dances*
Pencil_Sketch Pencil_Sketch Dec 31, 2016
And then Ayano jumped out from a bush after escaping the authorities, ending (y/n)'s lifu with a knifu.