Worth The Risk (A Derrick Rose Story)

Worth The Risk (A Derrick Rose Story)

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Lena Raymond is a Logo Designer from Charlotte. While on an assignment she meets NBA superstar Derrick Rose. 

Derrick Rose is the starting point guard for the Chicago Bulls. He is entering his eighth season of the NBA and it becomes the most troubling season of his career. 

They hit it off right away and try their best to maintain a platonic friendship but their growing feelings make it impossible. Can they be together despite the many obstacles?

Thank you for choosing to read my story. I am a huge fan of basketball and my favorite team is the Chicago Bulls.  I am not affiliated with Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls or the NBA in general . This story is a fictional story.

I'm just as clueless about ball as her but from this sketch, he has s looking scrumptious
Speaking of John Wall.... would you ever right a book about him? Love him!
Well, it was a really small cramped diner. He was only one booth over and she was so wrapped up in her drawing she wasn't paying attention. Lol but he is fast on the court. 😉
I literally have had this book in my library for a while, but I would always forget to read it! I'm glad I did! I'm loving this!❤❤❤
Yea he doesn't want to be, but some people just have a natural chemistry.