Raining Diamonds

Raining Diamonds

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Caitlin By Cait_99 Updated Jan 24, 2012

When I first saw him, I felt as if it were raining gold. No, not gold, Diamonds. It was perfect. I loved him, and he loved me. I felt so happy and bubbly, like any young person in love would.

 But then, I found out that the diamonds were fakes, that his love for me was a complete fraud. That he was just using me. I was shattered, cursed, and scarred for life.My life was torn apart. 

I've shrivelled into a cocoon of silence, deserting all my family and friends, just so it won't hurt. I am never letting any boy, ever touch me again, for the risk of getting hurt again is too high. I've never again spoken of him, never again looked his way, and most of all: 

I've never stopped loving him.

This is the story of Callie Forbes. She's once already fallen in love, only to get hurt. Oblivious to the one who is desperately in love with her, will she ever be able to let herself be loved again?

© 2011 Raining Diamonds Cait_99

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