The boy who knew too much (BoyxBoy)

The boy who knew too much (BoyxBoy)

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V. H. Oldfield By TheOriginOfLove2013 Completed

I never met anyone quite like William; which is why I'm willing to do anything to be noticed by him, even screwing myself over socially. As long as it gets me closer to William, I don't care what the price is. Even if it's my heart.

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1) how did you get the link to the cast members 
                              2) so this is about a boy who likes another boy and wants to be like him so he will be noticed
Why fit in when you were born to stand out - Dr Suess
                              Most of us don't lie to fit in
I can't believe it. This is exactly me. Except some people think I'm not straight.
NaomiKero NaomiKero Mar 26
He's doing all this cause, "It's the eeeeeennd of the woorrld..."
Me and rap music. Just because im black doesn't mean I like trap music. I like song with meaning. Like Owl City, Melanie Martinez, Lorde, Twenty-one Pilots  and etc... Some peoplw just dont get that, -_-
England doesn't have this problem. Unless it's non uniform, then you have the sluts, emos and the random group that dress in fashionable stuff but aren't "popular bitches".