F*ck Buddy 「Chanbaek」

F*ck Buddy 「Chanbaek」

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lowkey a pcy stan By lordbaekhyun Completed

Thanks @ohbyunhyun for the cover >.<

Byun Baekhyun is a 19 year old guy, who is addicted to sex. He goes around Seoul, looking for someone to get fucked by, and once they had given him what he wants, he left them to find someone else. Basically, he never speaks to them again.

That was until he met Park Chanyeol, the sexiest guy alive.

WARNING: Strong Language, Sadness and SO MUCH SMUT

This remind me that it's  2 in the morning and I should be sleeping
Boi he 24/7 horny don't get to close,   doesn't matter you are bottom as well
Well I would invite you to my own house but I dont have one😢😢
Well who can blame this little boy when ill do the same thing
EXO_DandP_GG EXO_DandP_GG 3 days ago
Me when my math teacher tells me that I need an A to get recommended into geometry in 9th grade
Beakhyun you sound like an old lady with a damn horny ass on dating and porn sites😂😂