Parallel World : KatekyoHitmanReborn

Parallel World : KatekyoHitmanReborn

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Kielnode By TunaPlatina Updated Jun 11, 2016

A world where everything is not what we knew how it was. Tsunayoshi as a girl, not a Vongola Decimo but Giotto is, raised by a Vindice.

Sending their principessa off to Japan to investigate Vongola Decimo, Meeting new people. All she has in mind, is to keep her identity from the others.. and to return back.

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pidgeone pidgeone May 07, 2017
Fucksake.... Hold on. Lemme grab my axe  " you stupid piece of shits"
ju7393 ju7393 May 21, 2016
And also she should keep her fighting abilities to a minimum also. It would probably get Reborn's attention, and he'd probably question her or want her to be a part of the family.
ju7393 ju7393 May 21, 2016
So Does that mean that she has to report to them everyday on the things that happen so far?
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Jan 06, 2017
Estraneo, you asshats.... How freaking dare you?!! *brings out an whole armory of weapons and massacres them* NO, DOES THAT TO TSU-CHAN!!! YOU HEAR THAT?!!! NO ONE!!!!!
ju7393 ju7393 May 21, 2016
The Estraneo.?  That's horrible, being sold then used as an experiment.
ju7393 ju7393 May 21, 2016
By herself?  If so well that's a surprise since they're overprotective of her.