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Resistance (Naruto Fanfiction) SasukexOC

Resistance (Naruto Fanfiction) SasukexOC

21.3K Reads 973 Votes 25 Part Story
Amanda Yuna By mostlyamanda Completed

Throughout her time serving under Lord Orochimaru, Ayuka never thought twice about the young Uchiha whom she met in passing. She kept to herself and worked diligently to please her master, only caring about gaining strength and becoming a more powerful kunoichi. But as time continued, rumors began to arise that Orochimaru was defeated by the self-proclaimed avenger. She was confused, not knowing what to believe until the day Sasuke and his team showed up at her hideout.

As the sole survivor of the Uchiha Massacre, Sasuke only had one goal he wished to achieve:

Kill Itachi Uchiha.

But as he forms Team Hebi and recruits the 16 year old Yuna into his ranks, he finds himself making another goal. An unspoken one that he is reluctant to fulfill.

Set in Shippuden. Sasuke x OC.

Rawrrawrs Rawrrawrs Sep 13, 2016
Thank u so much u already used two of my vocab words now I'm half done with my assignment ^_^
sasuaye sasuaye Aug 26, 2016
Okay this was written beautifully, i think i'm really going to enjoy this book
unburnt- unburnt- Jan 23
I could already sense that I would LOVE this book👍🏼 first impression? I'll give this a 10
Aesthiccc Aesthiccc Feb 19
Another plus for this book. For having a mature female lead instead of a bitch. I love this a lot.
Rawrrawrs Rawrrawrs Sep 13, 2016
I really like this and am very interested to where ur gonna take it and I love the all the detail u put in
Rawrrawrs Rawrrawrs Sep 13, 2016
OMG I'm really excited this is so unlike any Naruto fanfic I've ever read