Choose Me Or Loose Me

Choose Me Or Loose Me

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Lʊƈɛ Dʀǟɢռɛɛʟ By Bunny__Girl Completed

A New Nalu Fanfic 

Lucy Confesses her love to Natsu he wasn't sure what to say so he said let him think about it 
But then the next day Lisanna Confesses to Natsu 
Now Natsu Has to choose 
Lucy waited a whole week for Natsu's answer and she was slowly giving up 

Natsu, Choose Me or Loose Me I'm not a back up plan and definitely not a second choice
 -Lucy Heartfilia

I love her, but I was to focused on hurting a friend now I'm losing her The Love Of My Life
-Natsu Dragneel

I was Jealous, I loved him and I didn't want to loose him I didn't care who I hurt in the progress even him... I regret it because now he's suffering over my selfishness 
-Lisanna Strautess

I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ayye_daesha ayye_daesha Nov 24, 2016
I'll be right back *walks to lisanna and hits her head* I need to talk to her bye
NALU4ever999 NALU4ever999 Oct 04, 2016
You should say, "I love you, too. Lucy Heartfilia, will you marry me?"
Klexxee Klexxee Nov 09, 2016
Gray a true Nalu shipper! Oi my  Boii I got some respect for ya
joeljbritto joeljbritto Nov 27, 2016
Bixanna shipping is quite famous although there are no moments in Anime or manga.😂😂
Kaida_Abellona Kaida_Abellona Nov 27, 2016
I knew there was something fishy going on in his head, about Charla,
                              It is love.
xBarelyRoseyx xBarelyRoseyx Dec 25, 2016
This is so freaking obvious, man. LUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCY