Law's drunk  (lawlu fanfic)

Law's drunk (lawlu fanfic)

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Roronoakim By roronoakim Updated Jun 26

Luffy decides in celebration for passing their exams, barely, they throw a party, zoro brings the sake, sanji brings the meat, and luffy and law bring the smut~!!
Pls enjoy this is my first story sorry if its not that good~~
Also i own none of the characters they all belong to Eiichiro oda!!

MidnightHunter45 MidnightHunter45 4 days ago
"We shall Shambles" Master quote of the century. God, im laughing my ass off
I'm listening to blood on the dance floor and it's just making things seem way more eroticXD
Whenever a character speaks, the dialogue is written on the next line.
kagehina9oddball kagehina9oddball Sep 19, 2016
Listen.. Don't write Japanese words in a English reading. It just looks bad
                              IS THAT AN LUFFY IMPOSTER?! AINT IT SUPPOSED TO BE "Tra-guy"