my bb | 박지민

my bb | 박지민

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| a park jimin fanfiction |

"How are you supposed to have me all for yourself when I can't even have you at all..."

- in which a girl falls in love with her bestfriend's boyfriend.

my bb - my (b)estfriend's (b)oyfriend



I hope he isn't just one of those guys who knows what they do and play with the other girl while on a relationship cAUSE
Me too💙💙 gurl, short hair is beautiful, idk what you're saying
Yeah and I'm a boy, but nobody believes us when we say that Eunbi so let's stop lying
You know what they say:
                              Bìtches ain't shīt but hoes and tricks
My hair is long as heck, and I love it so much that I almost cried when the stylist cut more than I told her to:(
Only one person will have a better kiss than Jimin...
                              And that's Jin cause DAMN HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE LIPS???@DeathByRamen