Heart Of A Wolf (Raphael X Reader)

Heart Of A Wolf (Raphael X Reader)

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Razz By LittieRazzleDazzle Updated Jan 14

Before her mutation, (Y/n) was just a normal teenage girl. Now she's a shapeshifter, a freak, a monster. Four mutant turtles helped her escape The Foot Clan and their master, the Shredder. She hid her mutation well, but not well enough. After a year, with the turtles forgotten, her mother found out, and (Y/n) was thrown out of her own home. Now she wanders the streets alone, until four familiar faces help her once more.


The first few chapters are kind of short and....crappy lol
My writing has improved greatly compared to the first chapters, so don't judge straight away please

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llMiMill llMiMill Sep 24, 2017
Well I mean if she wanted to get away fast she could have picked a cheetah
WolfnTigerGirl WolfnTigerGirl Aug 08, 2017
Lol. I thought of Dory when she said 'escape' in finding Nemo
ImUrLivingNightmare ImUrLivingNightmare Jul 23, 2017
I imagen everything that happens in my books while listening too music, heck! I'm doing it right now!
ashofjoy ashofjoy Apr 01
Scrap...If Raph looked at me like that, and asked me if he could mutate me into a humonoid lizard....with that face... HECK YAS.
LunaFromFandomland LunaFromFandomland Jan 15, 2017
*thimks*Oh,this sounds like that show that my brother is watching....
                              What is it called?
                              Teenage Mutant Ninja......Ninja.
                              ....Turtles! Yeah TMNT.....
                              But....this can't be real......or maybe....it is.....anyways.....I want to be.....I want to be.....WOLF! WOLF! WOLF! WOLF!
Eclips_DragonWolf Eclips_DragonWolf Feb 27, 2017
Im pretty sure that there is a show in the Qubo chanel that some kids actually do that😂 I forgot what they call it tho...