Change of Heart (NaNoWriMo 2011)

Change of Heart (NaNoWriMo 2011)

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Amanda Hope By AHopeMoore Completed

**In The Editing Process!!** 

Jariel, a once favored angel in Heaven, has been thrown out. Not by his own accord, however. He was tricked, made a fool of, by an angel named Elise, bent on being the center of attention no matter what. Jariel is now stuck on what he likes to call hell on earth, surrounded by the humans he likes to call scum. He is determined to get back to Heaven and expose Elise for who she really is.

Dawn Meyers is an ordinary girl with a big dream. She wishes, so badly, to become a world famous artist. However she is stuck serving meals at the local diner while she waits to get her big break. She is trying her best to find out where her place is in life.

Two worlds, two hearts and two faces collide. 
Jariel and Dawn stumble upon each other and from day one Dawn is intreaged by Jariel. Jariel could really care less, all he wants is to get revenge. However, he may just get that-and more when Dawn opens her heart to him. Is this fallen angel, who is determined to hate humans for the rest of eternity, falling for one himself?

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BanexofxmyxLife BanexofxmyxLife Jan 06, 2014
I really, really love this story !! <3
                              i can't believe I didn't open this before... it was lying in my reading list and i didn't open it... i'm so, so stupid!
                              Anyway, great first chapter... 
                              P.S. I love Jariel..
aqua_topaz aqua_topaz Dec 12, 2011
The smell of coffee when Issac and Jariel walk into the diner.  You may want to change this but its not super crucial.
aqua_topaz aqua_topaz Dec 12, 2011
When describing Dawn at the diner it sounded like she was in a coffee shop/house, example, everything smells like coffee, Joe wiping coffee pot.  Maybe think about rewriting that.  And at the end the cat is a black cat.
AHopeMoore AHopeMoore Dec 02, 2011
@aqua_topaz aww, thank youuu :D have you read the entire thing though? I think the first chapter is good, but the others are ehhhh. I just need to tweak it a bit...>.<
aqua_topaz aqua_topaz Dec 01, 2011
Ok so how could you think this story is cheesey?  I think this is one of the best novels you've written so far.