A Thugs Lovin'

A Thugs Lovin'

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_LeooTheoo By _LeooTheoo Updated Oct 23, 2013

A Thugs Lovin' ™
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WARNING , Parents Strongly Caution :
Strong Language & Sexual Content.

Erika is a girl, who had it going good for herself. Her school grades, her upcoming dancing carrer and ever her friends.

Demontre is a big time durg dealer. Everyone knew him and he had it all. Money, Hoes, Houses, Cars, Power you name it. He the type of dog ass nigga that grab hoes, fuck them then throw them away just like that. Erika was diffrent though, she had more of an challenge wich made him wanna chase her for a bit just cause other hoes started to get to easy wich was kinda boring for him.

When the two cross paths, what will happen ? 

Or better yet what would everybody have to say about them ?

Will Erika fall for a thugs lovin' ?

DrunischieDagobert DrunischieDagobert Jun 30, 2016
I call you bitch leave, ,cornbread, and lovestar,this goes for evey star
Coley_you_knows_it Coley_you_knows_it Jul 30, 2016
Why tf nigga always gotta call a girl a bitch  but get mad when they call them shrimp dick or some like that
Mrs1DealWithIt Mrs1DealWithIt Apr 05, 2016
Especially when they have the nerve to yank it out yo ear like niggaaaa
cecebarrett cecebarrett Aug 27, 2015
A bītch is a female dog who barks and bark is apart of trees and trees are apart of nature is Beautiful thanks for calling her beautiful
ForeverShay_ ForeverShay_ Feb 11, 2015
how was it rude? im pretty sure she knows she made a mistake. and she probably gets aggravated when people try to correct her. soo GB✌✌✌  @JacoleG
ForeverShay_ ForeverShay_ Jul 27, 2014
ugh. so what. stop correcting the writers it's annoying. you act like they don't kno they made a mistake