Like Mother, Like Daughter (Diabolik lovers x Reader) [SLOW UPDATES]

Like Mother, Like Daughter (Diabolik lovers x Reader) [SLOW UPDATES]

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Hiatus✧ By mlktea- Updated Mar 17

What if Yui escaped from the Sakamakis and never went back...?

What if Yui got married to a mortal and had a child...?

What if the child was the next sacrificial bride or you could say the next eve for the vampires...?

What could happen?

Will a forbidden love bloom, or is it all just another tragic story?

(The cover art does not belong to me, it belongs to it's rightful owner)

Omg! This pretty much sums up every Dialovers fangirl's dream. XD XD
catillman catillman Jul 02
Wait if Yui told her about them, wouldn't she know vampires exist?
Wait wait wait... didn't someone's village set on fire once??? Am I Yuma??????
How do you know then? Did a human randomly ask to drink your blood?
MissyBlue02 MissyBlue02 Jul 06
Even though we think vampires don't exist, we sure do mention them alot
Me: 0_0
                              Also me a few seconds later: I'm dying here! *wheeze* LMFAO! XD XD