An Ocean Away

An Ocean Away

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Two schools. Infinite stories.

(Hamilton Modern AU)

It's a new year, and both Liberty Ridge High School and Saint Durand's International Academy have brand new students. 

James Madison used to always look forward to high school, knowing his best friend, Thomas Jefferson, would be right there beside him. But when Thomas is sent away to boarding school, will James even be able to survive freshman year without him - the one person who's seen him through everything?

Thomas Jefferson is starting his first year of high school in Paris, and he can't wait. But there's a part of him that wonders if he'll be able to get through it without James by his side. There's a part of him that's afraid. But he's always been good at pushing that part down, and he doesn't plan on stopping now. 

John Laurens has a dangerous secret he must keep from his family at all costs. So he does what any reasonable teenage boy would do, and asks his best friend, Peggy, to date him. But as the weeks turn into months, he begins to feel like maybe this secret and the cost of keeping it isn't worth it all. 

Peggy Schuyler has been best friends with John for three years, and she would do anything to keep that friendship. So when she agrees to help him keep his secret, she begins to worry about her own. Because this secret, she knows, would tear them apart. And she can't lose him. But with every day that passes, it's getting harder and harder to keep. 

Watch as worlds collide, friendships form, and hearts break as these young teens attempt to figure out who they are while struggling to survive in the harsh environment of high school.

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king_laurence king_laurence Mar 08, 2017
i thought he was getting bullied for his height bc hes tALL BUT HES REALLY SHORT
TheOther53 TheOther53 Jul 07, 2016
SAME!! I ship Laf with these people, and isn't limited to: Maria Reynolds ((IDEK)) Me, anyone's OC, Mulligan, 1/3 of the gay trio.