Why Jesus Is Better Than FanFiction

Why Jesus Is Better Than FanFiction

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Jesus Your Savior By J3susChr1st Updated Jan 04

I am Jesus, your savior. After dealing with all the shit I do for your race, I come across this... fan fiction.

  I am greatly disturbed on why you read this. I am constantly wondering who larry is and why he is so important, or the cat named Phan who always seems to appear? Who are these people... They are the DEVIL SPAWN. I have looked through your window while you read this stuff (say is my description. Go hit that follow button with the bible why dontcha') and I am not impressed. That's why I leave comments on this 'smut' you read to make sure you don't go as far as the level 'you unholy shits turn back now or you go to hell'. So fear not. Read my guide book and embark on your journey to a more holy life style.

(496in Fan Fiction)

Well I listen to ' I Write Sins Not Tragedies ', ' Build God Then We'll Talk', and ' This is Gospel ' so I'm pretty holy.
_MiraLynn_ _MiraLynn_ Jan 02
I'm a fücking atheist why am I here reading a book by an imaginary person
spookycereal spookycereal a day ago
my satanic ritual where we worship brendon urie's forehead is every tuesday at 8pm to 10pm cause i have a curfew but you get it
funchlinee funchlinee Dec 02, 2016
you know what being in a satanic religion is? being in an actual satanic religion. fanfiction is by no means a religion.
_MiraLynn_ _MiraLynn_ Jan 02
I'll see the rest of you guys in hell 😘
                              We're gonna have a dank ass party down there
Jkpanda03 Jkpanda03 Aug 26, 2016
My grandma has at least 5 different Jesus pictures in my room