Bleach Boyfriend Scenarios

Bleach Boyfriend Scenarios

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bbub14 By bbub14 Updated Jun 16

To a Strawberry, a short snow head Soul Reaper, then a red pineapple! All these boys are yours in this book ladies! Characters so far: Ichigo, Renji, Toshiro, Ulquiorra, Uryu, Ukitake, Shunsui, Kisuke, Aizen, Byakuya, and Grimmjow.

Updates will be on each Friday!

Cover made by: @JoelleAu

AnimeNaomi7 AnimeNaomi7 Aug 22
For the sake of an argument, let's just say its strawberry blond
Isn't it strawberry 🍓 blonde like it looks like more of a yellow orange 🍊
AnimeNaomi7 AnimeNaomi7 Feb 18
Thank you! Everyone keeps saying its blond but its not, blond Kira's hair!
SapphireQueen233 SapphireQueen233 Dec 16, 2016
can you add "Spending Christmas Together" to the Bleach Boyfriend Scenarios!
Kittycat38 Kittycat38 May 30, 2016
Idk I think seeing how Aizen reacts to love stuff would be really cool.
Not to sound dumb but what is lime? I recently found out what lemon means