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Rich Love (Nick Wilde X Reader)

Rich Love (Nick Wilde X Reader)

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✿ By Rainy88897 Updated Jan 20

Bye Daddy I say as I hug him for the last time.

He opens his arms and embraces me back "Remember to call and visit sometime. Don't want you forgetting all about ,"he chuckled lightly as he gestured himself and my mother.

My mother, Cristina Foreste La Rose, was letting her tears pour onto her expensive diamond jewelry as it glistened in the sun's rays.

She let go of my fathers grasp and walked towards me, cupping my face in her paws "Im going to miss you (Y/N) Foreste La Rose" she said as she gave me a tight hug "Your new home is paid for and take good care of it, we hired maids to work there for you ok?"

I groaned but laughed lightly "Mom I told you not to buy me expensive houses or hire people for me, I can do things on my own now but thanks" I looked at both of them "for everything."

I gave them both a quick peck on the cheek before walking fast down the steps of their mansion "Bye! I'm going to be late for my departure if I stay talking!"

They hugged each other as I got in the limo and had the driver escort me to the train station that was headed for zootopia.


 "Hey, Nick is it? The guy who 'returned my phone'" I paused for a moment before speaking again," I was wondering why you left your contact in my phone, a bit creepy don't you think? Answer me when you have time, I'd love to get to know you, Nick Wilde."

I do not own anything but the storyline and characters I made up including all the names that deal with Foresté, please do not steal the name.

Wait bruh!! I have a fingerprint scan!??? And yet he was to able to open my phone
ToffeeLover123 ToffeeLover123 Dec 06, 2016
I love the drawing and the editing done digitally. Nice job!
CarolRainbow CarolRainbow Nov 16, 2016
A lot of people think I am really pretty, especially my stand out from most people. But damn, I can't be that sexy!
SupaCuteKawaiiGirl SupaCuteKawaiiGirl Oct 23, 2016
Dammmmmn smexy af
                              Irl i'm so ugly....that i'm afraid to look at myself in a mirror...but sadly i have to....
sonamyorshadamy2015 sonamyorshadamy2015 Sep 25, 2016
Since it's like 12:40 A.M where I am, my mind is mush. So when it said, I saw a bunch of sheep running around, I legit forgot that we were in Zootopia, and was like 'da heck?'
SupaCuteKawaiiGirl SupaCuteKawaiiGirl Oct 23, 2016
Oml this is litteraly me!😂with the chocolate thing and the classified information my ass😂😂😂😂