Haphephobia • Nalu AU

Haphephobia • Nalu AU

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haphephobia -
noun  • haph·e·pho·bia 
:  a morbid fear of being touched

Lucy Heartfilia, a girl with an odd phobia and a secret behind the phobia. 

Natsu Dragneel, a troubled boy with abandonment issues. 

These two high schoolers have more in common than they think, yet they have never gotten along. That is, until, an incident at a dinner party occurs and brings them into an understanding mutual. Natsu wants to be there for Lucy and vice versa. But most of all, he wants to know why Lucy has such an odd phobia. Lucy just wants to know why Natsu is the only one she isn't afraid of. What will happen as the two grow closer together, yet further apart? 


* Story may be triggering to some readers, so read with caution. 

* Fairy Tail belongs to none other than Hiro Mashima.

Micheal Jackson: whos that
                              Me: Natsu Dragoneel. Popular. Hearthrob. Why?
                              Micheal: Because he's
                              *silence.* *looks at each other* nods
                              Me and Micheal: A smooth criminal 
                              Me: FOR LUCY'S HEART
XXxawexXX XXxawexXX Nov 11
So is the no touching thing only for people other then her mom
                              G8 PARENTING RITE THERE
                              *Flips a table*
                              SORRY TABLE BUT IT HAD TO BE DONE
I really want to find out what happened to Lucy now I can kind of guess what happened to Nastu
I know this ruins the poetry but 
                              Then you die in front of your own eyes by someone else much bigger than you are. With a fly swatter.
I have my axe!!!!! 
                              Does anyone wanna join me on my murderous fkboi trip?????