PTX Problems

PTX Problems

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[>•<] By Car-nez Updated Dec 16, 2016

The struggles of being a PENTAHOLIC 

I kinda saw this on line and copied it but ya 


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Ptx: Hi whats your name? 
                              Cousins: My name is **** and **** and ***.
                              Me: just stans thier for a few seconds. My name is Maya. I gdfghjkfghjgfdghkgfhjkf. I
                              I would also most likey huge them.
starrygrassi-hoying starrygrassi-hoying Mar 17, 2017
I would be too shy to say anything except; Hi.... 
                              Then I'd just walk away awkwardly until my friend pulls me back to have a proper conversation with them.
MitchGrassiSloane MitchGrassiSloane Aug 04, 2017
*meets ptx*
                              Me:heheusgksbbdvduskhsoabsbsubios PTX! PTX! PTX! PTX! OMG! OMG! *SOBS* *speaks in fangirl laugauge* *faints* *dies* *dead*
Whenever I'm at home I practice what I will say. Whenever they have a livestream, all I comment is "I love you".😂😂
koolkindkoala koolkindkoala Jul 13, 2016
I would say (AWKWARDLY) hiiiiiiiiiiii. Then probably pass out.
sissasue22 sissasue22 Oct 23, 2016
Na me: 
                              Gahhhh. Its Pentatonix. In the flesh. Wooow. Can I take a picture? *blushes horribly*