Zero X Male Reader

Zero X Male Reader

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You were standing outside the gates of your new school. You had (h/c) (h/c). Your (e/c) changes depending on your mood. You wore a Rosario choker (I got the idea, of course, from Rosario and vampire), it was the only thing you had left of your mother's. You were pretty much an orphan. 

You saw a girl walk to you, you decided to open your mouth and speak, and having a soft voice, she barely heard you. "Excuse me, but is this Cross Academy?" You asked. She smiled and nodded. 

"Yes, it sure is. I'm Yuki Cross. Nice to meet you." She said, she opened the gate to let you in. "Are you (Name)?" You nodded. 

"It's nice to meet you Yuki." You said. From the way she looked she seemed pretty hyper. Her brown hair was short and simple. She had big brown eyes. 

"Please follow me, (Name)." She said. You followed her to the Headmaster's office. Where three men waited. "Headmaster! (Name) is here!" She said bursting the door open. 

"Call me father." The Headmaster mumbled sadly, but quickly light...

Kamanki Kamanki Aug 05, 2017
Thats Me glaring at him but instead its me and my teacher. XD