Wings- A Destiel AU

Wings- A Destiel AU

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Kaya Gray By graymk9652 Updated Dec 27, 2016

OMG I just noticed I deleted a chapter. PLS RE-READ IF YOU DIDN'T.

In this universe, everyone has two different colored wings. The left wing is your wing color and the right wing is your soulmates. When your soul mates and your own wings are shown to eachother, the wings go into one color.

LAWYER: What do you own?
LAWYER: You wish.
ME: I OWN NOTHING! *whispers* Is that better?

This story is going to legend *wait for it* ... DARY. LEGENDARY!!!
The description lol "I OWN NOTHING! whispers is that better?"
*sighs* *index and thumb on bridge of nose* I - I appreciate your creativity of writing that as an ending of a-uh note. *sighs* when will we outlive that damned book?
sarcasamYAY sarcasamYAY Nov 22, 2016
Bu bu ba dum de dum dum dum dum dum deedeedeed dum ididdoooooooooo
                              (Theme song )
JanelCharteris JanelCharteris May 17, 2016
I wish I Would get support on my first chapter so I decided to do to others as you would do to you. Or something like that. Lol. It's really good. please continue!