The American Dream 2: THE URBAN NOVEL

The American Dream 2: THE URBAN NOVEL

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Hey guyss! Alright so,..this is the official The American Dream: The NOVEL. I consider "An Urban Story: The American Dream" more like the prologue to this all. It's a short story so it introduced you to the character's and sort of gave the back drop of how they even got to this if you haven't ready that...I highly recommend that you do because it'll give you a better understanding (link below). 

I've been trying so hard to perfect it, but I don't wanna keep y'all waiting so I just posted a simple chapter and i'll try to update this everyday if I can.. I look forward to seeing your feedback and opinions.
I hope you enjoy will be long..keep in mind that this is a marathon now and not a sprint so give it a chance :) 

Part 1

Happy Reading! 

- Tee Da Boss

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really_niqqahh really_niqqahh Jun 25, 2017
her hair shouldn’t reach her ass lol. I cut my hair close to a boy haircut 4 years ago and now it’s almost to my bra strap. 5 years natural on Jan 3
Vibrant10 Vibrant10 Oct 13, 2016
Selfish selfish selfish. I understand that his lil feelings r hurt and his masculinity may feel threatened, but that baby deserves a relationship with her real father reguardless to what the "standin" may think or feel.
taylor_lenea taylor_lenea Jul 27, 2016
This were I snatch yo damn tongue out bishh ....u will never be her father ever ...😑😑😑bitxh made nigga ...I could Neva.. Never liked him since the beginning and never will
Vibrant10 Vibrant10 Oct 13, 2016
Still naive. Damn! Did she not learn anything over their past and over the last 4 years of having a dif life. Bad habits r meant to b broken.
bridakid bridakid Dec 05, 2015
If you thought that was gonna happen my nigga you got the game fûcked up
brittXmontana brittXmontana Nov 06, 2015
Damn I hate being  sober I'm a smoker fredo a drinker  tadoe off molly water