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Anhedonia || Leafyishere

Anhedonia || Leafyishere

19.4K Reads 543 Votes 24 Part Story
Lunchie-s By -somaii Completed

(.n)  inability to feel pleasure

thebiggestcoldplayer thebiggestcoldplayer Jul 17, 2016
Kaye is like one of those clingy fangirls and a kind of person that would only use Calvin for fame. I went from liking her to wanting to hit her in like one chapter. >:{
SpoopyFangirl_ SpoopyFangirl_ Sep 15, 2016
Extremely annoying to read because it's not separated into paragraphs and the dialogue isn't separated into paragraphs either
PropleKikNe PropleKikNe Jul 09, 2016
I went from liking Kaye to hating her guts and wanting to punch her in one chapter.
justaonionring justaonionring Jul 27, 2016
Kaye just go back into the corner... Calvin is mine bitch ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
AnonymousNarwhal612 AnonymousNarwhal612 May 20, 2016
woah woah woah... I would never be friends with someone who doesn't like league what is this?!