Kiss in the Rain

Kiss in the Rain

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cezm_15 By cezm_15 Updated May 03, 2018

Strangers kissing in the rain? 
Falling in love with a stranger? 


How about---

A self-declared awesomely gorgeous woman who pretends to be a socialite because she wants to stop herself from falling for a stranger, an insanely HOT pizza delivery guy to be specific, who has an even bigger secret than hers?

Interesting, eh?

That is just the tiptop of the gorgeous Natalie Baker and supah HOT Ethan Spencer's epically weird out-of-this-world and full of surprises' love story.

If you think you can handle it, then better gear up because this is one HELL of a journey that will take your emotions to the ends of sanity and its opposite, and take your heart out then send it tumbling through a washing machine, put it in the dryer, and hung gently because there was a WARNING: DO NOT WRING label on the back of the shirt.

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-Mankanshoku-Mako- -Mankanshoku-Mako- Jul 20, 2015
It's a really cute story, I quite like it. I remember adding this to my library like two years ago, and now that I read it I realize how good it is! ^~^
cezm_15 cezm_15 Jan 06, 2012
@stfuapril thank you for reading my story! and yeah, I'll try to work on that.. ^__^ thanks for the advice!
cezm_15 cezm_15 Dec 10, 2011
@lorachelve thanks for the advice and thank you for reading my story! yeah, I imagine myself in a movie when I'm writing this so I guess that figures.. ;)) I'm gonna use your advice in the future when I'm going to write serious stories.. thanks again!
cezm_15 cezm_15 Nov 16, 2011
thanks @LouJazzelPunzalan!!! I'll update as soon as possible. ;))
LouJazzelPunzalan LouJazzelPunzalan Nov 15, 2011
.,wow... interesting flow you got there,,, ^_^
                              .,keep it up cee! I want more!!!
cezm_15 cezm_15 Nov 14, 2011
@GraceOrense aww, thank you!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!! ;)) <3 <3