Loving Through Glass

Loving Through Glass

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Alyssa Anne By Lyssagirl7686 Completed

This story was an entry in Target's OnceUpon Contest, because of this it is a lot faster than most stories, if you aren't into a quick and fast paced story I suggest looking at some of my other stories. Thank you! 






By societies standards, Elizabeth Steele is a low life with no worth. She has no home, no money, no life.

No value.

Moving from alley to alley every night, scavenging through the streets, she keeps her own and stays away from anyone in anyway that she can, using her mask of imperfections to ward off any unwanted attention.

Simplicity is her armor and detachment is her sword.

But how long can she go on before being an outcast becomes too much and the walls she's devoted her time to building come crashing down? 

Glass is only so fragile as the one thing it's supporting, and when Elizabeth's heart is so delicate that all that is left to protect it is a clear and thin sheet of glass, there is no telling when or how quickly it will break.


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FantasyCravings FantasyCravings Jun 04, 2017
Just wanted to say that the summary of ur book made me want to read it. It was great!
bkayd63 bkayd63 Aug 11, 2017
Yep, I stumbled across this book.  But it looks good so I'm up for a different type of story.  Summary sounds good.  ;0)
divergent092704 divergent092704 Mar 16, 2017
Girl in my school named Bella steele.... total opposite of what you just described...
Jun_Prelhe Jun_Prelhe May 06, 2016
Oh! ugly duckling! This will be intersting!
                              I'm entering #OnceUponNow too..
                              Hope you could spare time to read my story..
                              and maybe leave some critique :)
ijashanaa ijashanaa Feb 05, 2017
I really like this metaphor (?) Not only does it just visibly look good it also makes sense. It really gives you a sense of who the main character is.
AuthourX AuthourX Nov 30, 2016
Ok this may sound weird but this is written so carefully it's like.... AGH I CANT GET THE WORDS TOO EXPLAIN. It's beautifully haunting its amazing I know it's only the start of the book but it's written so beautifully