Loving Through Glass

Loving Through Glass

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By societies standards, Elizabeth Steele is a low life with no worth. She has no home, no money, no life.

No value.

Moving from alley to alley every night, scavenging through the streets, she keeps her own and stays away from anyone in anyway that she can, using her mask of imperfections to ward off any unwanted attention.

Simplicity is her armor and un attachment  is her sword.

But how long can someone go before being an outcast is too much? How long can one human go being known for their biggest flaws, their deepest secrets and their greatest weaknesses, before everything they've built up around themselves comes crashing down? 

Glass is only so fragile as that of the thing it is supporting, and when your heart is so delicate that all that is left to protect you is a clear and thin sheet of glass, there is no telling when or how quickly it will break.


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Hey hey hey everybody!!

This is a modern day twist and retelling of the Ugly Duckling in NYC, I hope you all enjoy it and thank you for taking a look :)

Jun_Prelhe Jun_Prelhe May 06
Oh! ugly duckling! This will be intersting!
                              I'm entering #OnceUponNow too..
                              Hope you could spare time to read my story..
                              and maybe leave some critique :)
AuthourX AuthourX 3 days ago
Ok this may sound weird but this is written so carefully it's like.... AGH I CANT GET THE WORDS TOO EXPLAIN. It's beautifully haunting its amazing I know it's only the start of the book but it's written so beautifully
This looks like a great book :) If you have the time, please check my entry out, It's called Feet Like Fins. https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/74324090-feet-like-fins Thank you, and good luck! :D
rosaimee rosaimee May 29
Interesting blurb! Added to my library! Good luck on the contest!
DoodleJudle DoodleJudle May 06
Lysssaaaa!!!  This book is psyching me up and I'm gonna enter too!  Ugly duckling is so cool now I just need something to work for me...  Hey, when I write mine, could I send it to you to look over?  Maybe I'll make more than one and you could pick the one you like best :P.
Jun_Prelhe Jun_Prelhe Jun 14
Dropped by to hit the vote star!
                              Good luck to all of us and have a good day!