The  Baby

The Baby

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gracies-oblivian By gracies-oblivian Updated Dec 28, 2016

I woke up early, the sun was shining through my window as I groaned and turned over the next thing I knew it was 6AM and my alarm clock wouldn't shut up. 

I finally managed to get up 30 minutes later, being well, 30 minutes late. I quickly grabbed my clothes, slipped myself into them, brush my teeth, Deoderent, and a little bit of makeup before grabbing my books and walking to school.

I only live about 1 mile away, and every since my mom became an alcoholic she won't take me to school. It's okay though, I enjoy the walks. 

There was a light mist of summer morning dew covering the ground, the bright sunlight was killing my eyes, so I slipped on my sunglasses and just kept walking. 

I finally reached school about 10 minutes later and got my admission slip for being late, I ran to my locker, got my things for first period, and began my day.


Finally it's lunch time and I'm starving, the kids at lunch normally sit off to their own little groups, I usually sit alone being that I'm n...

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Callison_Adams Callison_Adams Aug 29, 2017
He's been watching her since she was 3 doesn't that sound creep to anyone
jack_bunny jack_bunny Oct 16, 2017
I mean yeah he's creepy but at least he wants her away from her drunken mother
KushKing6996 KushKing6996 Oct 22, 2017
This guy sounds like the type of stalker dude that finally meets the girl he is creepin on and she says hi and then he tries to compliment her but he is such a weirdo all he replies with is "you got a perty mouth"
petite98 petite98 Apr 30, 2017
Whoa she is so beautiful!!! And I like the story so much....
Thuggie0814 Thuggie0814 Jul 25, 2016
Let's jump right in 
                              I WANNA GET STUCK WITH YOU OOH OOH OOH OOH