Struggle// Kim Namjoon

Struggle// Kim Namjoon

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Misaki-san By ItsJustMeEfsevi Updated Jun 27

God, is this really over? Is this really the end?

I have lived a life that I am grateful for. I could not ask for more. It was saturated of suprisings, love. Laughter but tears, happiness but sadness. I realized it late but my life was more than perfect. I realize this now that I can feel the end appoarches.

Is this really going to be the end of me?

I was dreaming about this moment. oh God! I was really waiting the moment when death would knock my door and inticate his hand for me to reach it and join him.

But now I am regreting those thoughts as my whole life is flashing before my eyes.

I cannot help myself but wonder again. Is this the end?
   It contains a lot of self-harm and depression. 
  And unedited so forgive my grammar and vocab mistakes.

Started: June 2016
  Credits for the cover: @wourdsinus

-bingchu -bingchu May 16
Im reading this book because i want my depression and self harm be related somehow to a bts fanfiction. You made it come true tho
HarshiniKantahrao HarshiniKantahrao Jun 14, 2016
This Prologue is so heart has to prepare for the upcoming events😂♥️
Jimin_trash_here Jimin_trash_here Jun 30, 2016
Okay I will try and get my feels settled T^T
                              I am prepared to cry T^T
iro_darda iro_darda Jun 14, 2016
Ειναι απλά τέλειο γράφεις καταπληκτικά 😍
UnsTAEble UnsTAEble Jan 18
I read the first line of the description and I was like 'If this isn't me' XD
jihyungmomochi jihyungmomochi Jun 01, 2016
Hi just to say that I can't reply to your messages because of my email so if you want to talk to me go to one of my books and comment there